Miljöstrategi AB is a consultancy company focused on smart and sustainable city development and strategic support for collaborations on urban sustainability. Mikael Edelstam is owner and CEO. He is also co-founder and partner of Cleantech Scandinavia, a leading network focused on cleantech investors and start-ups.

Having a background on leading positions in major Swedish environmental organisations Mikael started Miljöstrategi AB already 1985 focusing on sustainable business development as well as cleantech innovation and export for both the business and public sector. From mid 90's sustainable city development became another core competence.

He’s been working with major companies in the building, retail and transportation sector as well as smaller companies. For the public sector he worked with national authorities, many cities, regional cluster organisations as well as advising politicians and other decisionmakers on smart sustainable city development and cleantech business issues. He has done consultancy work, lectured internationally, and worked as expert within the European Union’s Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities.

Mikael has a broad overview of the international smart sustainable city development as well as cleantech and investments, and a deep understanding of the interaction between business sector, universities, public sector initiatives, policy and market development related to sustainable cities, cleantech and innovation. He has an extensive network in the field.

A selection of Miljöstrategi's clients include the following: Ericsson, Telia, Ica Retailers, Coop Retailers, Apple Computer, Skanska, JM, Barrat UK, Region Skåne, Fingal County, City of Stockholm, City of Malmö, City of Lund, City of Gothenburg, Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies, The Swedish Agency for Public Management, Swedish Chemicals Agency, Swedish Energy Agency, Swedish Governmental Offices, Lund University, The International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Malmö Incubator, Sustainable Business Hub, WWF, Swedish Society of Nature Conservation, Forest Stewardsship Council, European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities.

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